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  1. Yeah - poets need to eat and need to be able to buy their meds~! Help a writer out - and spread the word about her book - many thanks

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  9. Lesson 2 ~ how to handle your ass*ole:

    Tips For Handling a Crisis with your Ass*ole - The following is from my writings.
    This has suggestions on how to handle a family member or friend who is becoming an ass*ole. Note that each person is an individual ass*ole and these suggestions may not apply to all ass*oles, eg raging ass*oles, part-time ass*oles, fuqin ass*oles, drive by ass*oles or random ass*oles.
    There are some actions that can diminish or avoid disaster. You need to reverse any escalation of the ass*ole symptoms and provide immediate protection of your own mental state.

    Remember: Things always go better if you speak softly and in simple sentences to your ass*ole. Seldom will a person suddenly lose total control of thoughts, feelings, and behavior - but an ass*ole might. Warning signs include: sleeplessness, ritualistic preoccupation with certain activities, suspiciousness, unpredictable outbursts, whining, crying, kicking, hitting, throwing things, breath holding, shouting, flailing arms and legs, and of course hate texting and inboxing on facebook.

    During these early stages a full blow ass*ole crisis can sometimes be averted. If the person has ceased taking medications, encourage a visit to the physician. The more ass*ole-eo the patient, the less likely you’ll succeed. Trust your feelings. If you are frightened, take immediate action. Your task is to help the ass*hole regain control. Do nothing to agitate the scene. The ass*ole is probably terrified by the subjective experience of loss of control over thoughts and feelings - or the thought of loosing control real or imagined of you. The “voices” may be giving life-threatening commands: messages may be coming from the light fixtures; the room may be filled with poisonous fumes; snakes may be crawling on the window - whatever the ass*ole is experiencing is self generated.

    Accept the fact that the ass*ole is in an “altered reality state” and may “act out” bizarre ass-hat behaviors - directed at you and everyone. Do not allow this person to drive! It is imperative that you remain calm. If you are alone, call someone to stay with you until professional help arrives. The ass*ole may have to be hospitalized. Try to convince him or her to go voluntarily; avoid patronizing or authoritative statements; it just eggs them on….Pruritus ani is not a condition you are in a position to help with on your own! If necessary, take steps to start the involuntary treatment process. If indicated, call the police but instruct them not to brandish any weapons. Explain that your ass*ole is mentally ill and that you have called them for help.

    DON’T BLOCK THE DOORWAY- allow your ass*ole an escape route…

  10. Theory of Mind

    They came and pinned
    Shimmering instances
    Reflections within
    Fishing for mind states
    In reflecting pools
    Unable wade through
    We were waiting for
    Mindblindness like a storm

    We called out to find you
    Darkness was the only reply
    You were caught in the storm
    All those years whipped by emotions
    Moving emotional states

    So they came and pinned
    Shimmering instances
    Carbon copies of reflections
    Whipped by minds
    Lost in your mindblindness