Angry Man & Weaver
  1. 42

    Catching it
    Still - being told on
    House full of catty women
    Applying and interviewing
    For any position other than bartender - I watch - a month hungry
    No one asked
    No one cared

    Had to ask him for money the ex
    Yes he sent me money
    Had to drop my pride a few times
    So I could eat -
    Begging around the edges
    Treated like a short-timer

    Pulls no weight
    Business owner
    Naturally clever
    Done some shit
    Seen some shit
    It’s like catching smoke

    I’m sickly - if you will
    Hidden sorts of things
    Epilepsy - drugs so harsh
    I turn to despair
    Pain unrelenting
    My companion for years

    Pain one of the few things
    I can count on


  2. nexus212:

    Sat at that edge, Jack’s own ledge
    paradoxes jumping off bridges
    Ellis acting on fact finding judges
    This peninsula is mightier than a thousand blind swords
    Till the machines kill their owners
    jump out of seventh story windows
    Fact checkers, District Attorney
    agree on homicide suicide

  3. Metaphors Fly

    So This one day happens
    And I know I just KNow
    That the next possible step
    off the bridge and landing
    that will piss her off
    will be the streets
    And the next possible step for me
    will be the streets
    if not for real but at least in emotions
    she will cut me off
    as if I were not already cut off - cut out - I am living dimes and nickles - and retreads and air and stardust - and adrenaline…
    Im far away from what was home - what I thought was home - what I had hoped was home - and then I found Carlos - and then I lost Carlos only to regain him again

    I went out into the desert and found a riot - she thinks I started a fight - someone hit me - after someone else had hit me - hurt me - with words for years and years and years like sidewalks passing under your shoes - and so I called the cops - and now I fear that I will be walking along those sidewalks again -

    Looking at my shoes - I have no money for my meds - waiting on a job - waiting - yeah I have a job - have had jobs - this is the real me taking - not Tricky PUssy - me EB - Im a postman - I have epilepsy - I take medication - I cant afford to pay for it - Im waiting for the process of being hired by the post office to be finished - in the mean time - im going broke - going broke with waiting - I was assaulted by a member of staff at the assisted living facility where our mum lives - my sister - my elder sister is mad that I made a stink about calling the cops - she hit me three times -

    Now I fear the streets - I left a bad marriage last year and sought safety here with her - its been a long road - I went and lived in Florida for a while - yeah I was lost for a while - I fear that I have been dangling on threads - those threads are wearing thin - and thin and thin - and that the sidewalk beneath my feet will run out -

    Im trying to focus - the meds make it hard - the poverty makes it hard - the loss and lonley feelings makes it hard -

    the bees beneath my skin make it hard - that feeling is caused by the Topamax I take - along with Keppra -

    How much side walk do I have left


  4. Yeah - poets need to eat and need to be able to buy their meds~! Help a writer out - and spread the word about her book - many thanks

    Trickypussy & Ladycakesjones

  5. Carlos

  7. Des lis

  8. Corners

  9. Tower

  10. Clock