Angry Man & Weaver: You were curing the epilepsies There is a hall now...
  1. You were curing the epilepsies

    There is a hall now empty

    Where hopelessness ran with pessimism

    Fingers entwined

    No one there felt the sting to come

    They had abandoned guilt

    And let pleasure be their guide

    Wings flapping in warm breeze

    Forfeited helplessness

    That night I took the cure

    Streets ran irritable

    Lights flickering in restlessness

    You took to writing on the wall


    The monster bangs on the door

    Coming in or going out

    It was an epic left behind

    Stories for a King

    Following monsters and men

    You were curing the epilepsies

    And so that night I took your cure


    Only known as your fathers son

    This birth defect

    This ominous sign from the Gods

    You ran the town empty

    It was a transgression and a

    Sign of things to come

    The streets ran irritable

    Minds lit up with forfeit and helplessness

    They abandoned guilt

    And you

    And so that night I took the cure

    Fingers entwined

    We flew


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